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TLC plates for rent - TLC Plates Rental

Flexible driving, reliable earning

Are you a driver looking for a TLC plates rental to start driving for TLC, Uber, Lyft, and other popular rideshare apps in New York City using your own vehicle? You have come to the right place! We help drivers like you find the best deals on TLC plates for rent.

Simply fill out our straightforward application form, and experienced fleet owners will reach out to you directly to discuss your TLC plates rental options. Apply today to rent a TLC plate and prepare to hit the road with your TLC plate!


Here's what is required to become a driver

TLC plates for rent - TLC Plates Rental


  • Meet the minimum age to drive
  • Have at least one year of driving experience
  • Clear a background check

TLC plates for rent - TLC Plates Rental


  • Valid driver's license
  • Proof of residency
  • Insurance if you plan to drive your own car

TLC plates for rent - TLC Plates Rental

Signup process

  • Submit documents and photo
  • Provide information for a background check
  • Find out if your car is eligible, or get a car

Why become a rideshare driver?

  • Stable Income: Earn money reliably, retain your tips, and withdraw your earnings at your convenience.
  • Flexible Timing: Take control as your own boss and drive whenever it suits your schedule.
  • Instant Payment: Access your earnings instantly by cashing out whenever you prefer.


TLC plates for rent - TLC Plates Rental

TLC plates rental

TLC plates for rent - TLC Plates Rental  We are your source to find the best deal for TLC plates rental in NYC. Drive and earn with TLC plates for rent in the city.

TLC plates for rent - TLC Plates Rental  Save money on TLC plates rental and find the best TLC plates for rent in NYC! Apply now and start driving today!

Frequently asked questions

Licensed Drivers FAQs

Yes. After you make your renewal payment, you must meet all license renewal requirements by the expiration date of your license. To make a renewal payment visit License Applications Renewals & Summonses (LARS)

Update your Information Online on License Applications Renewals & Summonses (LARS).

To request to cancel your TLC Driver license, submit the current TLC License and a signed Affirmation to Cancel TLC Driver License (PDF) by email to, or by mail to:

NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission
Re: Driver License Cancellation
31-00 47th Avenue, 3rd floor
Long Island City, NY, 11101

Requesting to cancel a TLC Driver License does not remove outstanding suspensions and/or summonses. If you wish to reapply in the future, outstanding suspensions and/or summonses must be closed before you reapply.

Vehicle License FAQs

Yes, a TLC licensed vehicle can be operated by anyone with a valid and current state-issued driver's license for personal use and reasons. However, be aware that the vehicle may be pulled over and summoned by a TLC Inspector or police officer. This can happen if they have reason to believe the vehicle is being operated for hire, or if they witness a violation of local laws.

There are minimum insurance levels your vehicle must have based on the type of vehicle you own and the vehicle's seating capacity. Download Vehicle Insurance Requirements (PDF) for further information from New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).

You may register a vehicle from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania. However, out-of-state vehicles must already have taxi/livery plates and meet the insurance requirements set by NYC TLC.